AlPS Joint Research Cooperation Lab - “Analytics, Privacy, and Security for IoT and Big Data”

Vision and Mission

Recently, IoT has become an essential part of our infrastructure that already has (and will have) substantial and long-lasting economical and societal impact, according various scientific studies and industrial reports. IoT enables the monitoring and analysis of physical things in various application domains, such as smart farming in agriculture, smart transportation in cities, and predictive maintenance for smart cities. IoT has been integrated with the cloud computing models through which several potential services enable data analytics, process management, smart solutions and optimization, to name just a few, for diverse and crucial applications domains. All of these lead to great emerging opportunities, as well as challenges, in leveraging IoT and big data for solving various problems in business, science and society. The proposed AlpS lab ( will focus on the blending aspects of IoT and big data analytics by leveraging cloud computing technologies, while taking into account of security and privacy issues in IoT and big data.
The lab will continue its goals on providing a platform for experts from Austria and Vietnam to collaboratively investigate novel techniques for analytics, security and privacy in IoT and big data for important application domains in Vietnam and Austria, in particular smart agriculture and smart city. We envisage that the outcomes from this lab will be substantial contributions to smarter solutions for developing environments, like in Vietnam, through novel research results as well as knowledge transfer among different involved institutions. 

The involved principal investigators (PIs) and their institutions in ASEA-UNINET are:

  •   Dr. Hong-Linh Truong, Distributed Systems Group, TU Wien, Austria
  •   Dr. Nam Thoai, Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering, HoChiMinh City University of
    Technology (HCMUT), Vietnam
  •   a.Univ.-Prof. Dr. Josef Küng,Johannes Kepler University Linz (JKU), Austria
  •   Dr. Hoang Huu Hanh, Hue University, Vietnam
  •   Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. DDr. Gerald Quirchmayr, University of Vienna(Univie), Austria
  •   Prof. Dr. Erich Neuhold, University of Vienna (Univie), Austria
    The involved PIs and their affiliated research institutions have a significant international and national reputation and visibility in their research fields on Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, data analytics, systems and data privacy and security and smart cities . They also have collaborated since many years. A long-term virtual research collaboration lab on the topics of analytics, privacy and security for IoT and big data would not only strengthen their existing collaborations but also enable the new development on emerging research topics in IoT and big data. In particular, this new development will enable involved PIs and institutions to exploit potential research topics in IoT and big data analytics for smart cities and smart agriculture, the two focused application domains of Europe and Vietnam

Short term goals and outputs
Within the current funding phase proposed in this proposal, the lab will focus on:

  •   Research and develop roadmaps on analytics, security and privacy issues for IoT and big data analytics for scenarios in Vietnam
  •   Exploit potential training opportunities in analytics, privacy and security for IoT and big data
  •   Network and establish potential collaboration with other researchers to develop a long term vision and goals for this research lab 

Long term goals and outputs
The long term goal is to be able to establish a leading joint research lab and maintain its position for a sustainable term. Based on the short term goals, which will be achieved with the requested budget in this proposal, the PIs will investigate different possible funding sources, including from ASEA-UNINET, to extend the lab. Furthermore, the network of collaborators for the lab will be enlarged. The long term vision and goals will be developed with a focus on an excellent research lab for analytics, privacy, and security in IoT and big data for the domains of smart agriculture and cities. The support from ASEA-UNINET for 2017 would help us to achieve this goal.
Furthermore, the lab will also investigate potential joint projects among countries in ASEA-UNINET as well as research projects funded by Europe and Southeast Asia countries. The lab will also investigate how the research topics could be incorporated into academic programs for IoT and big data in Vietnam.
Planned Activities

    •   Work remotely to discuss and identify research issues and scenarios
    •   Develop joint research topics and develop a roadmap of research plans and activities
    •   Organize a workshop on the lab topics to network and gather knowledge
    •   Perform training and exchanging experiences on the identified topics