AlPS Joint Research Cooperation Lab - “Analytics, Privacy, and Security for IoT and Big Data”

Recently, IoT has become an essential part of our infrastructure that already has (and will have) substantial and long-lasting economical and societal impact, according various scientific studies and industrial reports. IoT enables the monitoring and analysis of physical things in various application domains, such as smart farming in agriculture, smart transportation in cities, and predictive maintenance for smart cities. IoT has been integrated with the cloud computing models through which several potential services enable data analytics, process management, smart solutions and optimization, to name just a few, for diverse and crucial applications domains. All of these lead to great emerging opportunities, as well as challenges, in leveraging IoT and big data for solving various problems in business, science and society. The proposed AlpS lab ( will focus on the blending aspects of IoT and big data analytics by leveraging cloud computing technologies, while taking into account of security and privacy issues in IoT and big data.

ISSA-DW The 2016 International Symposium on IoT Systems, Services and Analytics for Developing Worlds (ISSA-DW2016).

Scientific Objectives

EU-SEA Workshop and Cooperations on Internet of Things and Open Platforms

Can Tho, Vietnam, January 25-27, 2015(colocated with RIVF 2015)
Meet the EU Internet of Things R&D communitySee experience of Internet of Things in South East Asia

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